ASEAN Health Summit 2019

ASEAN Health Summit (AHS) 2019 was aimed to extend a platform for the industry members to convene and talk through the latest advancements available in the medical and health care field. The event covered the transformation to digital healthcare and its accessibility amongst the sector during its panel sessions participated by medical experts from different countries such as Indonesia, India, Thailand, The Philippines and Malaysia.

It was a place to connect bridges and empower healthcare stakeholders on provisions of digital healthcare and medical technological advancements not just in the ASEAN members but globally.

Betterment and sustainability of population health in the ASEAN region would greatly influence the economic and social well being of their respective countries, “ASEAN policymakers have myriad options for the scale, design, and implementation of their countries’ health systems. The choices they make will naturally affect the physical and mental health of their populations, which will in turn affect economic well-being, social equity, and fiscal stability, and ultimately determine health system sustainability.” said the Prof. David Bloom, Professor of Health Economics and Demography, Harvard School of Public Health, Dept. of Global Health, Harvard University.

The platinum partner of the event, Franck Perraudin, Asia Head, External Affairs & Public Affairs, Sanofu stated that, “As one of the world’s leading healthcare companies, Sanofi looks forward to continuing its partnership with a diverse set of stakeholders towards building more sustainable healthcare systems in Malaysia and across the ASEAN region. Only by teaming up across the board will we be successful in addressing the health and social challenges at hand, scaling and widening access to innovation.” Sustainability in the healthcare system did not only count to the medical health industry members but also to the diverse stakeholders across all boards.

While the industry had continuously been in quest for innovations and digital advancements to solve current issues in the medical technology field, there were more to finding solutions. “Intelligent technologies play a big role on how healthcare can democratize data, generate better operational efficiency to healthcare providers and improve the overall healthcare experience for patients that will further improve people’s lives.” said Hazmin Abdul Rahim, SAP Public Services Director of SAP Malaysia.

The proceedings and issues highlighted at the ASEAN Health Summit 2019 were documented as a report for ASEAN Health Ministers. The outcome also informed the priority activities of the Healthcare Working Group going forward. Digital health Innovation & Start-Ups Showcases were participated by ASEAN countries; Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, & India.