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Roundtable Discussion between Malaysia’s Industry Leaders and Prime Minister of Malaysia

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Astro Awani Live: ASEAN Cooperation Pivotal in Obtaining Vaccine Faster

TS on Awani

ASTRO Awani Interview: “A Pathway towards Recovery and Hope in ASEAN”

Astro Awani Interview – Keeping ASEAN market open for trade and investment during Covid-19

30 Aug 2018 – Bernama News Channel: Govt May Stop Collecting Funds For Tabung Harapan Soon

30 Aug 2018 – TV3: PM : Malaysia – Singapore Third Link In Planning

TV1 Nasional: ASEAN BAC – NTB Jejas Urusan Perniagaan Di ASEAN

Capita TV Fokus Hari Ini: Penyelesain Isu Tarif Kekangan Terbesar Proses Penyepaduan ASEAN

Bernama: Joint Ventures Amongst ASEAN Countries in the light of the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community)

BFM Radio interview with Tan Sri Dr. Munir Majid, Chairman of ASEAN-BAC Malaysia and Dr. Fraser Cameron, Director of EU-Asia Centre (21 June 2016)

TV1 Nasional: ABIS 2015 – Ucapan Shinzo Abe, Narendra Modi & Barack Obama

TV3 Buletin Utama: PM Laksana Cadangan Pemimpin-Pemimpin Asean

TV3 Nightline: Barack Obama told ABIS that TPPA is long-term investment, security and diplomacy

Bernama TV Bernama News: Asean Business & Investment Summit (ABIS)

TV1 BizMalaysia: Asean Business & Investment Summit (ABIS)

Astro Awani Buletin Awani: Sidang Kemuncak ASEAN (ABIS 2015)

TV1 Nasional 7: ASEAN Business & Investment Summit 2015

8TV Mandarin News: Asean expected to post annual GDP of 5.6% to 2019 – PM

Capital TV Fokus Hari Ini: – PM Lancar Infrastruktur Kewangan Digital Untuk PKS Asean.

Bernama TV: PM lancar GAX, initiatif ASEAN BAC menyediakan infrastuktur kewangan digital untuk PKS

TV1 Nasional@8: Keterbukaan AEC Kekal Lindungi Sektor Domestik Berkepentingan

TV2 News on 2: ASEAN-BAC Hopes 4 Working Groups Will be Set Up – Interviewed Tan Sri Munir Majid

Astro Awani: “PM: Asean Diseru Sepakat Tolak Ekstremise Melampau (di Asean Business Awards)”

ASEAN SMEs Urged To Embrace GAX

“Focus On The Beef”, Despite Political Differences, Says China Expert

Invest IN Infrastructure, China Expert Tells ASEAN Nations

Expert Tells ASEAN To Use Same Standard For Projects

Victor Gao: I Feel At Home In ASEAN Countries

Don’t Mix Trade With Politics, Says China Expert

TPPA: China And US Playing ‘Cat And Mouse’ , Says Munir.

China Expert Believes In Dr M’s Wisdom When It Comes To Territorial Dispute

TPP dominates Obama’s speech at business summit

PM: Let’s Have An ASEAN Business Travel Card

AEC: Much Work Remains To Be Done

Najib: ASEAN Economy To Grow 5.6% Through 2019

Langsung ASEAN Business & Investment Summit & ASEAN Business Awards & Ucapan PM [20 Nov 2015].

Malaysia Pengerusi Majlis Penasihat Perniagaan ASEAN Mulai 1 Januari 2015

Malaysian PM: ASEAN economy to expand 5.6% annually through to 2019

Indonesia’s direction in ASEAN under the stewardship of Jokowi.

Munir Majid : Can ASEAN Economic Community be a reality by 2015?

Asean SMEs unaware of AEC benefits

Executive Focus: Mohd Munir Abdul Majid, Chairman, Bank Muamalat