Sandiaga Uno to Give Health Workers ASEAN Tour Package Post Pandemic20210812041647
Travel demand recovery possible by end-202220210812041509

Travel demand recovery possible by end-2022

shahiraAugust 12, 20210 comments
The Malaysian Reserve, 28 July 2021...
Malaysia, Indonesia to explore tourism synergies, as latter seeks collaborations within ASEAN to revive tourism20210812041327
Intra-Asean tourism crucial for regional economic revival and growth20210812041130
Call to ratify RCEP and CPTPP by year-end20210708085623
Govt to amend laws, regulations to ratify RCEP20210708085455

Govt to amend laws, regulations to ratify RCEP

shahiraJuly 8, 20210 comments
New Straits Times, 22 June 2021...
Malaysia must tackle RCEP, CPTPP laggards: Munir Majid20210708085252
MOPI urges govt to establish mutual recognition regulatory framework20210708085005
Malaysia perlu ratifikasi RCEP dan CPTPP akhir tahun ini, gesa ASEAN-BAC20210708084831
Kerajaan digesa ratifikasi segera RCEP, CPTPP20210708084422