Obama: TPP will bring progress to participating countries

21 November 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will encourage progress and build cooperation among participating countries said US President Barack Obama.

Speaking at the Asean Business and Investment Summit 2015, Obama highlighted benefits of the TPP itself.

“The TPP is more than just a trade pact. It is a long-term investment in security and universal human rights,” he said.

He added that the TPP would also bring about positive changes relating to economic competition, advancing human rights and universal values, stronger environmental laws and enhance labour laws.

“Of course reforms and changes won’t happen overnight. The TPP has to be adopted.

“Countries and companies will have to adopt and adapt. It will take time and we will help them up their game,” he said.

Obama also spoke about the Mali bombings and said that the US would stand with them.

He said that the United States would be relentless in tackling terrorist threats and were thankful to all other parties who stood by them to combat terrorism.

- The Star