ACCWGPHE must activate ASEANs pooled purchase of vaccines, by Tan Sri Munir Majid

The Edge, 13 April 2021

Realising innovative directions for united region

Borneo Bulletin, 21 January 2021

RCEP a feather in Asean’s cap by Tan Sri Munir Majid

The Edge Malaysia, 23 November 2020

Asean needs to do more than just bounce along

The Edge Malaysia,19 October 2020

Cari : Business as usual in Asean in Covid-19 crisis will result in heavy cost to life and economy

The Edge Malaysia , 28 September 2020

Businesses Less Aware of ASEAN, Dialogue call-for-asean-to-become-more-dynamic-and-realistic

New Sarawak Tribune, 21 February 2020

Mentoring ASEAN Entrepreneurs

The Star 23rd Aug 2019

Komited Lahir Usahawan Berpotensi

Berita Harian, 22 August 2019  

Munir: Be objective on country’s economic challenges

The Star, 09 January 2019

Looking back at 2018 – Don’t lose the GE14 victory

The Star, January 2019

Asean Business Investment Summit in KL on Nov 20-21

Tabung Harapan may end on next month

Oriental Daily, 31 August 2018

Dr M: Tabung Harapan may stop collecting donations soon

New Straits Times, 31 August 2018


New Straits Times, 31 August 2018

PM: Tabung Harapan Malaysia may end next month

Nanyang Siang Pau, 31 August 2018

Malaysia sertai RCEP jika bermanfaat :PM

Berita Harian, 31 August 2018

US-China trade tension presents opportunity for Asean

05 July 2018

2018 ASEAN Business Awards Winners entitle to a chance to win AGLP Scholarship

Secretariat, 25 May 2018  

ASEAN Business Awards 2017 Winners Granted with AGLP Scholarship at NYU Stern School of Business

Secretariat, 03 May 2018  

Cheah Wins ASEAN Award

The Star, 10 August 2017

Consult ASEAN Youth on the Future They Want

New Straits Times, 8 August 2017  

ASEAN_s Longevity Secret

New Straits Times, 8 August 2017  

Citizens 7 Years Total Income Increased by 50 Percent

Oriental Daily, 6 August 2017  

Malaysia Showing Signs of Economic Growth

Nanyang Siang Pau, 6 August 2017  

PNK Meningkat 50 peratus

Utusan Malaysia, 5 August 2017  

“GNI Up by 50pc”

New Straits Times, 5 August 2017  

ASEAN Dijangka Muncul Ekonomi Keenam Terbesar Dunia

Kosmo, 5 August 2017  

Jeffrey Chia Gets Lifetime Achievement Award

China Press, 5 August 2017  

Daya Tahan Ekonomi Malaysia Meningkat

Berita Harian, 5 August 2017  

Jeffrey Cheah, Vivy Yusof Among Malaysians Honoured At Asean@50 Awards

Malaysia Continues to Attract International Businesses

New Straits Times, 4 August 2017    

10 Outstanding M’sian Firms, Individuals Get ASEAN Awards

MalaysiaKini, 4 August 2017

PM: ASEAN Now Likely 6th Largest Economy Globally.

Malay Mail, 4 August 2017  

10 Outstanding Malaysian-based Asean Companies, Individuals Named

Malay Mail, 4 August 2017  

ASEAN region needs to be more dynamic

18 July 2017  

Call for Asean to become more dynamic and realistic

The Star, 12 July 2017  

Isu tarif gugat ekonomi ASEAN

Utusan Malaysia, 12 July 2017  

Call for ASEAN to become more dynamic and realistic

The Star, 12 July 2017  

Set up ASEAN Youth Council says advisory group

The Edge Financial Daily, 12 July 2017  

Set up ASEAN Youth Council

New Straits Times, 12 July 2017  

Tiga isu halang pertumbuhan ASEAN

Harian Metro, 12 July 2017  

Asean-BAC proposes establishment of Asean Youth Council

New Straits Times, 11 July 2017  

ASEAN business summit seeks higher economic growth

01 June 2016  

ASEAN Business Award: Myanmar Won Woman Entrepreneur Of The Year Award

GAX sasar 20,000 pemohon pembiayaan

01 June 2016  

GAX sedia platform kumpul pembiayaan digital bagi PKS

1 June 2016  

GAX new microfinancing for the digital economy

1 June 2016  

Asean Community in two or three parts

1 June 2016  

GAX manfaat PKS ASEAN tahun depan

1 Jun 2016  

GAX targets to help 20,000 small firms

1 June 2016  

ASEAN-BAC Malaysia Iktiraf Individu, Perniagaan Cemerlang Melalui ABAM 2016

1 June 2016  

Sektor korporat digesa tidak alih perhatian – Munir

Utusan Malaysia, 1 June 2016  

Don’t get into a rut, Munir tells private sector

The Star, 1 June 2016  

Opportunities abound

New Straits Times, 1 June 2016  

Empat sektor jadi tumpuan ASEAN-BAC, 5 May 2016

Utusan Malaysia, 5 May 2016  

Corporate – Asean focuses on non-tariff barriers removal in 4 sectors

The Malaysian Reserve, 5 May 2016  

Money – Fintech equity crowdfunding for SME outsourcing

Malay Mail, 5 May 2016  

Bisnes – ASEAN-BAC tumpu empat sektor utama

Berita Harian, 5 May 2016  

Council Awards To Recognise Outstanding Businesses, Entrepreneurs

Bernama eBiz, 22-Apr-16  

ASEAN-BAC Malaysia anjur ABAM 2016

Utusan Online, 22-Apr-16  

Companies To Be Honoured At The ASEAN Business Awards Malaysia (ABAM) 2016

Enterprise TV, 22-Apr-16  

Performance of SMEs crucial to success of AEC

New Straits Times, 11th March  

Job opportunities can ‘make or break’ AEC

Nation Multimedia, 10th March  

AEC will fall if SMEs fall

The Edge Markets, 10th March  

Munir: Job opportunities can make or break AEC

The Star, 10th March  

Friend of Asean

30 November 2015  

E-financing can give ASEAN SMEs more access to funds

30 November 2015  

GAXfinance明年面市 中小企可上网贷款

27 November 2015  

Easier financing access of up to RM50,000 for Asean-based businesses

27 November 2015  

GAX Eyes Up To 20,000 Loan Applications From MSMEs

27 November 2015  

AirAsia awarded ‘Priority Integration Sector in Aviation’

23 November 2015  

Obama Leaves Malaysia After Attending ASEAN-related Summits

22 November 2015  

Obama, Abe, Modi presence a ‘major coup’ for Malaysia

22 November 2015  

GAX targeting to receive 10,000 to 20,000 applications by MSMEs

30 November 2015  

Asean economy to grow 5.6 pct annually through to 2019

21 November 2015  

AEC to power Asean economic growth, lure more FDI

21 November 2015  

Asean-Business and Investment Summit: Come, invest in India’s growth, says Modi

21 November 2015  

Obama: TPP will bring progress to participating countries

21 November 2015  

At Asean meet, Obama says TPP will promote ‘accountable’ governance

21 November 2015  

The Latest: Abe says Japan is ‘best partner’ for Asia

21 November 2015  

Asean summit: Obama urges dialogue in disputes, not ‘bullying and coercion’

21 November 2015  

Abe Touts Streamlined Loans as China’s AIIB Gets Set to Lend

21 November 2015  

TPPA more than just a ‘Trade Pact’, says Obama

21 November 2015  

TPPA has strongest anti-corruption standards, says Obama

21 November 2015  

Najib Launches Digital Finance Infrastructure For ASEAN SMEs

20 November 2015  

ASEAN Business Advisory Council Honours Rafidah With Lifetime Achievement Award

20 November 2015  

AYEC To Empower Young Entrepreneurs In ASEAN

20 November 2015  

ASEAN to launch SME programme

19 November 2015  

Asean Business & Investment Summit returns to Malaysia

18 November 2015  

KL to host Asean business summit

18 November 2015  

东盟峰会20日举行 奥巴马安倍莫迪将致词

18 November 2015  

Witness The Pinnacle Of Regional Private Sector Engagement At ABIS 2015

18 November 2015  

Summit to focus on business for people

18 November 2015  

KL to hist Asean business summit

18 November 2015  

Obama, Abe sertai ABIS 2015

18 November 2015  

World Leaders To Converge In KL For ASEAN Meetings

17 November 2015  

SMEs need to step up for AEC

17 November 2015  

ABIS 2015 platform input, perbincangan isu ekonomi Asean

17 November 2015  

SIP attracted RM30b investments: Julaihi

17 November 2015  

ASEAN BIS 2015 Acelerating AEC Formation

16 November 2015  

ABIS 2015 A Platform For Input And Discussions On ASEAN Economic Issues

16 November 2015  

ABIS 2015 A Platform For Input And Discussions On ASEAN Economic Issues

16 November 2015  

Asean Economic Community Still Faces Challenges: ASEAN-BAC Chairman

11 November 2015  

ASEAN summit to help biz survive slow market growth

06 November 2015  

ABIS 2015 to help inculcate greater resilience in companies across the region

06 November 2015  

ASEAN summit to help biz survive slow market growth

06 November 2015  

Listing Asean infrastructure stocks in Malaysia

05 November 2015  

Asean SMEs need to step up with trade pacts coming

01 November 2015  

ASEAN Business Awards 2015 deadline extended

03 October 2015  

AEC 2015 – The Final Lap

05 September 2015  

Munir: Credible AEC Will Shape Outcome Of Political-security, Socio-cultural Pillars

22 August 2015  

AEC perlu berwibawa – Munir Majid

22 August 2015  

AEC yang berwibawa akan mencorakkan politik- keselamatan dan sosiobudaya

22 August 2015  

Asean Economic Ministers Must Deliver

22 August 2015