ASEAN-BAC Malaysia Virtual Dialogue

with Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Professional Bodies

and Foreign Business Associations and Business Councils in Malaysia

ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) Malaysia hosted three Virtual Dialogue sessions to consolidate feedback for its Pathway for Malaysia 2021 report where it was attended by more than 70 participants for all three sessions. Hosted by ASEAN-BAC Deputy Executive Director Ms. Jukhee Hong, the sessions were moderated as below:

Session 1 – Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce
Moderated by Mr Raja Singham (Council Member)

Session 2 – Professional Bodies
Moderated by Tan Sri Yong Poh Kon (Council Member)

Session 3 – Foreign Business Associations and Business Councils in Malaysia
Moderated by Tan Sri Munir Majid (Chairman & Council Member)

The purpose of the dialogue was to compile the recommendations from different bodies in Malaysia, with regards to the governmental support for businesses to recover from COVID-19, challenges in breaking the ASEAN Market in a post-pandemic world and how businesses can fully benefit from RCEP. The compiled recommendations will act as the baseline for the Pathway for Malaysia 2021 Report which follows the report of A Pathway to Recovery and Hope for ASEAN (Pathway 225), submitted to the ASEAN Leaders Summit held on 26th June 2020. The completed report will also be presented at the ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting 2021.